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(Taylor was of the opinion that Barbuda was named for its men, Barbados for its figs., rossiyánin), a distinction sometimes made by translating the name as "White Ruthenia", although "Ruthenian" has other meanings as well.

The name is first attested in the 13th century as German Weissrussland and Latin Russia Alba, first in reference to Russia's White and then Black Sea coasts.

The exonym was next applied to Great Novgorod and then Muscovy after its conquest of that region, finally being applied to its present region in the late 16th century to describe ethnically Russian regions being conquered from Poland."Land of the Belgae", from the Roman province of Gallia Belgica ("Belgic Gaul") derived from the Latinized name of a Celtic tribe.

The root name "Afghan" has been used historically in reference to the Pashtuns and the ending suffix -stan means "place of" in the local languages.A common pseudoetymology renders Österreich as "Eastern Empire", but this is a false cognate.Similarly, it is completely unrelated etymologically to Australia.Upon the restoration of independence, the name was deemed no longer appropriate since the historic kingdom comprised only the southern regions and ethnicities of the modern state. Names similar to Bhutan—including Bottanthis, Bottan, Bottanter—began to appear in Europe around the 1580s.Jean-Baptiste Tavernier's 1676 Six Voyages is the first to record the name Boutan.

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The two seas are then the bay east and west of the island,, "country") which appeared in Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's 1971 declaration of independence for East Pakistan.

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